Fall 2011Menu

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-Apple Wood Hot Smoked Salmon

Apricot mustard, house pickles, traditional accompaniments $10

-Tuna Two Ways

Rare seared & tuna tartare, soy-ginger ponzu, crispy rice noodles,

spicy seaweed salad $9

-Birds Nest

Grilled short rib, corn sauté, egg $9

-Hand Rolled Ricotta Gnocchi

Parmesan brown butter, nutmeg, apple wood bacon lardons $8

-Braised Rabbit Strozzapreti

Wild mushrooms, shallot, vermouth rabbit demi $12

-Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Sambuca Cream $8

-Prince Edward Island Mussels

Smoked tomatoes, wine, garlic, herbs $8

-Scallops and “Bacon”

Confit pork belly, scallops, corn succotash, beurre blanc $9

-Marrow Risotto

Bone marrow, crispy potato turban, veal jus $8

-Fresh Fruit and Cheese Sampler

Crispy phyllo, native honey, candied almonds, blueberry preserves, guava paste $14

-Raw Bar Sampler for Two

Oysters, shrimp, Jonah crab claws, tuna tartare $19



-Goat’s Milk Cheese & Roasted Red Beets

Asparagus, baby greens, champagne vinaigrette $8

-Crispy Calamari Salad

Baby greens, classic vinaigrette, sweet chili sauce $9

-Great Hill Blue Cheese and Arugula

Reduced balsamic vinaigrette, peppered strawberries, candied almonds $8

-Heirloom Tomato Salad

Fresh mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic reduction, grilled red onion, basil, apple wood SMOKE $9



-Braised Beef and Vermont Cheddar

Fingerling potatoes, grilled scallions, white truffle oil drizzle $14

-Garlic Shrimp Tuscana

Spek, tomato sauce, creamy ricotta, fresh mozzarella, parmesan $14





-Grilled Chicken Carbonara

Fettuccine, apple wood bacon, cream, egg yolk, peas, wild mushrooms, parmesan$16

-Butternut Squash Ravioli

Candied almonds, fried kale, apple $15

-Free Form Seafood Lasagna

Shrimp, scallops, lobster, Maine crab, lobster cream, micro greens $20

-Rib-eye Mignon

Root-vegetable gratin, squash, burgundy demi $27

-Truffle Scented Poussin

Spring chicken, truffle whipped crème fraiche, potatoes two-ways, green beans, red wine demi-glace $18

-Veal Chop

Celery-root puree, warm red cabbage, fennel apple salad $29

-Pecan Crusted Boneless Short Ribs

BBQ sauce, spiced nuts, fingerling potatoes, roasted root vegetables $24

-Spiced Braised Pork Shank

Whipped potatoes, braised cipollini onions, roasted brussel sprouts, pan jus $23

-House Cured Duck 2 Ways

Seared Breast, confit leg, pumpkin risotto, veal jus lié $27

-Beet Marinated Scottish Salmon

Fingerling potatoes, bi color beets, butter sauce $21

-Pan Roasted Jumbo Sea Scallops

Ratatouille, basil, parmesan, beurre blanc $23

-Rare Grilled Tuna

Roasted cauliflower, carrot-ginger puree, kecap manis $26




Tiny Green Beans $6                       Ratatouille $6                   Ricotta Gnocchi $7

               Manchego Whipped Potatoes $8     

 Roasted Root Vegetable Gratin $8                    Truffle Fries $8

             Fettuccine Pomodoro $6                 Mushroom Risotto $7


Chef/Owner – Matthew Trottier       Owner- Kristine Trottier

Please join us Sundays 10:00-2:00 for an a la carte brunch starting

 October 16


What a lovely lounge!

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Who would not love to sit here and sip on a glass of wine while enjoying a taste of some exquisite food?  Soon it will be a reality.  I know lots of people are excited and I can’t wait to post the opening date.  It’s coming soon.  Promise:)

Why Tek-Nique?

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Many people have asked why we chose the name Tek-Nique, so here it is.  The variety of definitions of technique are as follows; the way in which a skilled process is carried out,  a method of accomplishing a desired aim,  the way in which fundamentals are handled,  and a procedure used to accomplish a specific task.  All of that may not seem like much but when you combine it with all the synonyms; skill, art, performance, craft, touch, knowhow, facility, delivery, execution, knack, artistry, craftsmanship and proficiency.  I think it very well describes  Matt and how the food will be prepared.  I honestly can’t look at any of the synonyms and not relate it to his culinary genius.    I hope that once we open you will check us out and see that it was the PERFECT name.