Why Tek-Nique?

Many people have asked why we chose the name Tek-Nique, so here it is.  The variety of definitions of technique are as follows; the way in which a skilled process is carried out,  a method of accomplishing a desired aim,  the way in which fundamentals are handled,  and a procedure used to accomplish a specific task.  All of that may not seem like much but when you combine it with all the synonyms; skill, art, performance, craft, touch, knowhow, facility, delivery, execution, knack, artistry, craftsmanship and proficiency.  I think it very well describes  Matt and how the food will be prepared.  I honestly can’t look at any of the synonyms and not relate it to his culinary genius.    I hope that once we open you will check us out and see that it was the PERFECT name.


6 Responses to “Why Tek-Nique?”

  1. Can’t wait to see the final results and eat at the new best restaurant in Bedford!

  2. Wow-so cool & exciting! It gets more “real” by the day.

  3. Taylor Sage Says:

    I would love to tell you all about the incredible food, the romantic atmosphere and the warm and friendly staff but I am too afraid this place will become so popular I won’t get in…so remember to leave a litttle room for my return. Taylor

  4. Susan benson Says:

    We just visited tek-nique on a Sunday night.not even sure it was open, we ventured over.
    Wow!!!! Was a fabulous dining experience. The four of us had four wonderful meal. The service was very good, and our waitress was informative about all our dishes.
    We will surly come again, I can’t wait!

  5. Is your restaurant open on Christmas eve? Please advise.
    Thank you,
    Deborah Bradley

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